In his work over the past two decades, John Norris has developed his own method for helping singers connect their bodies to their voices. Influenced greatly by the work of F. M. Alexander, Joseph Pilates, and Juliu Horvath, John gives students practical exercises to assist them in releasing old patterns of tension that block their bodies, limit their minds and impede their breath.

Neue Stimmen, Gütersloh
Neue Stimmen, Gütersloh

As singers learn to consciously connect to their bodies, issues of vocal support and sound production that reinforce (or work against) an emotionally connected portrayal are evaluated and addressed. This process of exploration leads to many discoveries and new choices that enable the singer to truly enter into an emotional, physical, and mental connectivity to his or her characters. At this stage, Mr. Norris draws on acting techniques of Konstantine Stanislavsky, Ute Hagen, and Wesley Balk.

Armed then with positive experiences under John’s guidance that explore intellectual, psychological and kinetic trigger points, the singer is encouraged to find authenticity in the music and text, which will ultimately guide him or her in giving a more visceral expression of each given situation in an aria, a scene, or an entire role.

Here is a clip from a workshop at the Neue Stimmen Competition 2009.

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